Summer Night Fishing



In the summer months Kayak Fishing at night is a way to beat the heat and pressure of other fisherman. Try Kayak fishing at night but be safe. There are a few tips that you want to know about Kayak fishing at night. First and foremost always bring your safety gear.


Coast Guard Requirements for Night Paddling:

Personal Flotation Device

Signal whistle

White light (Visicarbon Pro light flag by yak attack)

Visual distress signal (strobe or flare)



Non Coast Requirements that are recommended:

VHF handheld waterproof radio

ACR Personal Locator Beacon

Reflective tape and clothing

Cell phone in waterproof housing


After you have  all of your safety gear you are set to start the hunt for fish. On the emerald coast the bay waters are typically crystal clear so it is easy to sight cast for fish under the dock lights. 


Types of  live Bait that I use at night:


- finger mullet (deeper docks)

- pinfish (deeper docks)

- shrimp on a popping cork (shallow docks)


Typically when fishing with live baits I free line the swim baits with no weight and let the fish swim naturally. It can be harder to cast but your chances on getting hung up on a dock are much less likely. It is hard to see and judge distance at night so the lighter the bait end the less you will get hung up or overthrow your cast onto a dock.  


Types of artificial that I use at night near dock lights: 


- zman scented paddlers (White)

- Yo-Zuri Suspending 3ds 3d SP (glow in the dark)

- yellow beetle spin with red tail

- Cal- glow in the dark paddletails

- any white curly tails


I typically use lighter test to be a little more stealthy when fishing dock lights. This prevents the fish from seeing your line in the reflection in the lights. 


I hope this helps on your next adventure out on the water at night. Again be careful out there and travel close to the docks while traveling to your spots to avoid any boats that may cross your path. Get Out There