Spring is coming around

The weather is getting nice and the trout are getting bigger.  Been fishing mainly grass flats and muddy bottoms for the past 2 weeks and been catching some nice trout and some upper slot redfish. Water temperature is getting warmer and the sun is shining more and more everyday as we approach the spring time. My favorite time of year to fish other than October. Me and a few customers fished a nice grass flat the other day that started out slow and ended up being an epic trout and redfish day and have the pictures to prove it on our Facebook page. We had a ball. Looking forward to a busy season this year. I miss the night fishing in the summers under the dock lights and under water green monster lights. So fun on the fly rod. We will be scouting pretty much everyday that we don't have a trip trying to stay on the bite. Pray the rain doesn't mess us up. I know April usually rains a lot. Cobia season is coming up real soon and it will be time to hit the second sandbar trolling for them. Get out there and have some fun!


Capt. Dave Posey